Matt G.

"For two years, back pain had become my constant companion. It gradually got to the point, where I could no longer stand or walk for more than 20 minutes. My wife and daughter had forgotten what it looked like to see me laugh or smile. Over the years, I had tried every alternative for back repair imaginable. I finally went to see Dr. Su. He has a very professional, calm, sure manner. After examining my MRI, he said they could help me. I went in to see Dr. Sponzilli for an epidural injection. I was nervous going in, but everyone on staff was very kind and took time to chat with me to get me comfortable. Dr Sponzilli came to speak with me just prior to the procedure, he too, has a wonderful, kind easygoing, but confident way about him. I felt very relaxed. A very quick half hour later, I walked to my wife's car with zero pain. It's only day two, but I am amazed and actually having trouble believing, I'm totally pain free. I'm no longer walking bent over and debilitated. I'm 51 but feeling like a little boy,I understand, it's early yet, but I had to thank everyone there for giving me my life back. Thank you!"