Grant W.

"Dr. Robert Byers, Dr. Ernest Sponzilli, and N.P. Lisa Elvin of Mt. Tam Spine Center have worked together to successfully minimize the impact of injuries to the lower lumbar region of my spine since my initial injury in 1995. The vast knowledge and experience each brings to bear has been the core component of fifteen years of successfully managing multiple spine injuries utilizing progressive, effective spine care.

Skilled, educated, and experienced in this specialized field; the Mt. Tam Spine team is quite simply the best. Their ability to effectively address acute and or chronic symptoms, coupled with the fact they undoubtedly are, and have remained, some of the most genuine and kind people I've had the pleasure of knowing, makes them a hard team to beat. Also, the comprehensive discussions on treatment options and procedures have been key to reducing any anxiety I might have, not to mention the team's empathy and willingness to talk me through a procedure.

In addition, there is dedicated staff, which work tirelessly to ensure medical needs are addressed and questions answered. On more than a few occasions, letters have been drafted and sent to my insurance carrier to ensure I have unfettered access to coverage and benefits that carriers conveniently forget about; the Mt. Tam team was quick to act, and relentless in pursuit.

As is evidenced by my history of injury and treatment, the aforementioned fact-based observations, evaluations, and comments are rooted in a professional relationship that has been and continues to be the linchpin of my care. Additionally, close friends I've sent to be evaluated and treated at Mt. Tam Spine Center aren't shy about their own success stories, as they too feel fortunate to be in such capable, caring hands."