Gerald J.

"When Dr. Stuart in Orthopedics told me in no uncertain terms that they could fix congenital back defects that had kept me in pain for over 5 decades I was naturally skeptical. Both Drs Byers and Su have impressive resume's and national reputations as spine surgeons so I approached the prospect of a positive outcome in confidence. That confidence was reinforced with my first and subsequent meetings with Dr. Su. He went over the very conservative steps we would take before actually opting for surgery. He explained the general procedure and referred me to Dr. Sponzilli to see if an epidural would offer relief. An MRI revealed that the nerve compression in my misaligned vertebrae was severe enough to require surgery. By that time I was unable to walk a hundred feet without severe lumbar and sciatic pain down both legs. Dr. Sponzilli's best and caring efforts led to minimal relief. When surgery became the only option Dr.Su did a very thorough work-up taking all the time I needed to answer all of my questions and calm my concerns. He was compassionate, interested, concerned and reassuring. After considering all of the obligations and commitments in my life he scheduled the surgery for July 11h, 2011. There were minor complications in the recovery process, but overall, no worse than one might expect from a double fusion, laminectomy and lumbar copectomy. Serious, extensive surgery to say the least that I later found out involved both Dr. Su and Dr. Byers. I writing this a few days before Thanksgiving out of an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to Dr.s Su and Byers for giving me a new life. I am pain free for the first time in over five decades. Let me repeat I am pain free! Every single benefit proposed by Dr. Su has come true! I can move like kid. As the follow-PT continues, every day get's better. That's not bad for a 72 year old guy whose movements have been restricted by pain, all of my life. My entire attitude and outlook on life has changed. I had no idea how debilitating physically and psychologically the pain had been. All I can say is I am forever in your debt. Thank you."