Bill H.

"Dr. Brian Su is truly a gift to mankind. He has been thoroughly trained at the best medical centers in the US in the latest of the latest techniques to fix spinal problems. He somehow finds time to keep up his award winning research without sacraficing his dedication to his patients.

Dr. Su is unusually conservative in his approach and will not push anyone into a surgery that is not necessary and the patient is not convinced that he or she needs.

He did a complicated L1/S1 procedure with a fusion on my lowest lumbar vertebra as well. It was a long and technically taxing operation. Within a day of surgery I was walking. In two days, I was able to tackle stairs successfully. The PT staff at hospital was very surprised. I left the hospital on my own two feet, no walker, no cane and went straight home.

Dr. Su has stuck with me throughout my recovery and carefully checked the site of the procedure on x-ray to ensure that everything was mending as planned. I am now essential pain free in my lower back with no restrictions. I never expected such a complete, restriction free outcome, having had prior surgery on my cervical spine which was not nearly as successful.

I recommend Dr. Su without reservation. Anybody in the greater San Francisco Bay area, contemplating spinal surgery would be doing themselves a disservice if they did not consult with Dr. Su prior to undergoing a surgical procedure on their spine.

Besides all of the above, he's a really nice fellow with a great bedside touch."