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Our goal at the Mt. Tam Spine and MRI center is to provide the level of care to our patients that we would want our family members and ourselves to receive for disorders of the spine.

That level of care is attained through the use of innovative and cutting-edge technologies that are provided by an exceptional staff that works as a team in both a caring and friendly manner.

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Every one of us is affected by neck and/or back pain during our lives either personally or in dealing with a loved one who is suffering with such a condition. Cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal disorders such as disc herniations and spinal stenosis often result in nerve irritation (radiculitis) or nerve compression (radiculopathy), but can also lead to spinal cord compression (myelopathy). The related symptoms (pain, numbness, tingling and weakness) can make the simplest activities of daily living impossible. Other patients suffer from spinal deformity such as scoliosis (the degenerative form continues to become increasingly common) or kyphosis (the reversal of the normal curvature of the spine).

The Solution (Nonoperative vs. Surgical Care)

The Mt. Tam Spine and MRI Center was developed to bring together health care providers in order to address the spinal disorders such as disc herniations, spinal stenosis and more. Our belief is that most of the underlying causes of neck and back pain can be treated successfully with non-operative means. After obtaining a thorough history of the problem and performing an appropriate examination of the patient, technologically advanced diagnostic studies may be used (such as our digital x-ray or high field MRI scan) to further determine the source of the patient's symptoms. We also have the capability of performing electrodiagnostic studies (EMG and nerve conduction studies) when needed. Sometimes a combination of medication and an individualized course of physical therapy will provide the patient with much needed relief. However, some conditions prove to be more difficult to resolve.

Our physicians at the Mt. Tam Spine and MRI Center are responsible for a dramatic change in the treatment of neck and back pain in our community by making the use of therapeutic and diagnostic injections the standard of care for many spinal conditions. Having diminished the level of inflammation with such techniques, many patients are then able to better participate in an exercise oriented course of rehabilitation, and return to a level of functionality that had been lost.

Our Promise and Hope

Very few medical problems impact one's life as negatively as do neck and back pain, and you will find no practice more sensitive to that reality than ours. We hope to provide you with the care at the Mt. Tam Spine and MRI Center that will diminish your pain, and permit you to return to those activities that you miss so much.

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