Acupuncture in Marin County


Acupuncture at Mt Tam Orthopedics & Spine

The Medical Doctors at Mt. Tam Orthopedics and Spine Center are committed to offering non-invasive treatments in lieu of and/or in addition to surgical procedures so that their patients can enjoy optimum health. We are pleased to offer onsite acupuncture, starting Tuesday afternoons from 1pm - 5pm. The acupuncturists at Balance Restored in Corte Madera will be providing this service.


To schedule an appointment, click here to go to
• Click on the Schedule Now icon to Create An Account
• You will then be directed to the online calendar at Balance Restored
• Scroll to schedule a New Patient Intake and Acupuncture Treatment
• Select Mt. Tam Orthopedics & Spine Center Location
• Select a date and time of your choice

Discounted rates for payment at time of service are $220 for initial appointment and $110 for follow-up acupuncture treatments. We are in network providers for Blue Shield, and will bill insurance accordingly. We are out-of-network providers for other insurance providers; if you have acupuncture as a covered medical benefit, you have two choices:
• Pay the discounted rate; we will provide you with a superbill that you can submit for reimbursement to your provider
• We will file our regular rates with insurance, and you will be responsible for amounts designated by your insurance provider.

We look forward to working together to help you achieve and maintain optimum health!